En EE UU numerosas empresas del sector farmacéutico y el sanitario implementan TM1, el BI de Applix, sin presencia en España, por tratarse de una herramienta flexible que permite obtener resultados en tiempo real y realizar un análisis predictivo sobre asuntos cruciales para el sector. Con ello se pretende ofrecer un mejor servicio al cliente así como controlar el gasto.


WESTBOROUGH, Mass.–March 16, 2004–Today Applix, Inc., a global provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Performance Management (BPM) solutions, announced that TM1, the company’s flexible business intelligence tool for planning, forecasting, reporting and performance management is winning new customers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Rapidly spiraling healthcare costs, increased regulation, privacy concerns and an aging population have combined to make healthcare one of today’s more complex business arenas. Market-leading business intelligence and performance management software from Applix is helping the industry provide better customer care while working to make healthcare more affordable. For more information on how Applix TM1 improves decision-making in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, see www.applix.com/healthcare.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies use TM1-based solutions for the ability to respond immediately with answers to ‘what-if’ analytic questions, a flexible environment for matching a company’s financial and business models, the familiar, well-developed Excel environment, and the minimal work required by IT for implementation and maintenance. Only Applix TM1-based solutions allow teams of users to ask ‘what-if’ questions interactively, enabling them to collaboratively analyze, plan, and report whenever they need to. In the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, this allows executives to understand and better manage critical performance indicators to gain a better understanding of the immediate impact of their decisions. Ease-of-use and ease-of-implementation help make Applix solutions appealing to a multitude of users throughout an organization.

«The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have been shaken to their cores as they attempt to control costs while maintaining high levels of customer care,» said David Menninger, vice president, worldwide marketing, of Applix. «In both industries, planning and what-if analyses are needed to stay one step ahead of evolving business trends and government regulation while remaining competitive. TM1-based solutions can improve an organization’s ability to leverage data by extracting actionable business intelligence wherever it exists. TM1 provides a real-time, interactive view into such varied applications as organizational finances, resource allocation and clinical trials.»

For example, VITAS is the nation’s largest provider of hospice care, with more than 5,700 employees serving more than 8,000 patients daily. VITAS implemented an Applix TM1 solution that enables real-time analysis of key operational factors affecting profitability, while facilitating the compilation of corporate data for budgeting, forecasting and planning.

«TM1 has opened up a whole new world for us. It combined rapid information retrieval with highly flexible and easy-to-use graphics to give us a tool that satisfies the needs of both our financial analysts and our executives,» said Neil Golub, Manager, Planning and Analysis, at VITAS.

With TM1, VITAS executives use up-to-date information to spot trends or anomalies, perform real-time ‘what if’ scenarios that provide insight into the potential impact of changes to the business model, and ultimately, make smarter, prompt decisions that drive strong, profitable growth and exceptional service. In addition, TM1 also allows the financial planners to spend less time gathering and more time analyzing operational and financial information.

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