Magnolia International ha anunciado el lanzamiento de Magnolia CMS 5.0, su sistema de gestión de contenidos open Java. La herramienta cuenta con una interfaz de usuario HTML5 que es fácil de utilizar como un teléfono inteligente. Más abajo el resto del comunicado en inglés.

Magnolia acts as a powerful content orchestration hub for integrating and managing all enterprise digital channels: desktop websites, tablet and mobile optimized content, personalization and visitor segmentation, as well as covering future developments of new platforms such as digital TV and intelligent devices. At the same time, the system remains simple and intuitive for anyone familiar with mobile apps, social media streams and bookmarks.

Enterprise content management is growing in both scope and complexity due to the proliferation of digital channels and devices. As this happens CMS systems are becoming more unwieldy and intimidating for users at all levels within the enterprise. Magnolia has undertaken a radical rethink of how all end-users interact with their company’s online presence. The typical enterprise CMS, with endless drop down menus and confusion, has been replaced with a modern interface, centered on the individual.

«Magnolia has always been about combining user-centric design and enterprise strength, together with the flexibility to deal with rapid changes in business requirements. But the advent of Mobile has forced a more major rethink of the role of the CMS in today’s modern enterprise: how, where and by whom it is used,» explains Boris Kraft, Magnolia co-founder and CTO. «Magnolia 5 offers unparalleled ease of use, providing a unified way for staff to access content creation Apps from tablet as well as desktops. At the same time, it solves the CIO’s problems of provisioning, customization, personalization and device-proliferation.»

The new CMS uses a combination of task-specific ‘Apps,’ ‘The Pulse’ real-time monitoring on actions and content changes, along with user-defined ‘Favorites’ to provide simple, relevant and personalized access to Magnolia’s powerful, multi-channel enterprise content management system. Magnolia 5 features an integrated HTML5 App development platform based on Vaadin and GWT. This makes it simple for organizations to add custom functionality to Magnolia and to develop new Apps tailored to the exact needs of selected user groups.



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