Business Objetcs, fabricante de software BI con oficinas centrales en San José (California) ha anunciado que Meriwest Credit Union ha seleccionado su herramienta BusinessObjects Enterprise 6 para gestionar sus resultados. Con su incorporación los se analizarán todos datos que generan de las sucursales de la entidad bancaria y sus cajeros automáticos, además de otros indicadores de resultados como transacciones bancarias, flujos de caja, o campañas de marketing.


SAN JOSE, Calif.—March 30, 2004–Business Objects, the world’s leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, today announced that Meriwest Credit Union selected BusinessObjects Enterprise 6 as its BI standard. Meriwest Credit Union, a full-service financial institution headquartered in San Jose, Calif., will use BusinessObjects Enterprise 6 to track, understand, and manage business performance throughout the enterprise. The solution will support the organization’s balanced scorecard initiative and assist in reporting to regulatory agencies.

Currently, Meriwest Credit Union stores data in disparate systems, including Siebel CRM, Microsoft Excel, and proprietary databases. Enterprise 6 will integrate data from these source systems and provide Meriwest managers with web-based dashboards that allow them to quickly view key performance indicators related to banking transaction volumes, money flows, and marketing campaigns. In addition, managers will be able to analyze activity by branch office, ATM, and other delivery channels. With this information, managers can perform more in-depth analysis on what programs are working, and conduct «what-if» scenarios to help improve overall business performance. Finally, Meriwest plans to use Business Objects to streamline reporting to state and federal regulatory agencies, and assist with compliance.

«By providing a consistent view and improving our ability to analyze information from multiple data sources, Business Objects has given us the foundation to be a smarter, more competitive business,» said Anni Evans, vice president of e-business at Meriwest Credit Union. «We can now give our managers self-service access to information and arm them with a vital tool that impacts business performance and simultaneously reduces IT costs. BusinessObjects Enterprise 6 stood out against competing products because of its superior performance, ability to integrate disparate data, and ease of setup and administration.»

«Business Objects provides Meriwest Credit Union with two key capabilities — the ability to leverage information from across the business to improve overall performance, and the ability to comply with state and federal regulations,» said Dave Kellogg, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Business Objects. «By standardizing on BusinessObjects Enterprise 6, Meriwest can meet these challenges with a flexible platform that will also scale to meet their future business intelligence needs.»

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