Microstrategy, fabricante de software BI, ha anunciado que Agriliance, joint venture formada por empresas de agronomía como Land O’Lakes, sigue utilizando su software para análisis y reporting financiero. Microstrategy ha desarrollado para la joint venture la herramienta Agrimine, un nuevo software para gestionar la información con avanzadas capacidades de análisi de datos.


MCLEAN, Va., May 10 — MicroStrategy Incorporated, a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence software, today announced that Agriliance, LLC has expanded the deployment of the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform for enterprise reporting and analysis. Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, Agriliance is the agronomy marketing joint venture formed by Land O’Lakes, Inc., Arden Hills, Minn.; CHS Inc., St. Paul, Minn.; and Farmland Industries, Kansas City, Mo.
Standardized on MicroStrategy since 2002, Agriliance has expanded its MicroStrategy deployment to support AgriMine, an advanced information management tool with sophisticated data analysis capabilities. AgriMine links retailers and manufacturers to help get the most out of marketing programs. AgriMine identifies customer trends, purchasing habits and opportunities to strengthen customer relationships and increase dealer revenue and profits.

«We needed a solution that was flexible and scalable enough to provide a variety of reporting options to a large and diverse audience across the enterprise,» said Kim Meek, Director, BI, Strategic Marketing and Supply and Logistics Systems, Agriliance. «With MicroStrategy, our users are empowered with added insight to make more strategic and proactive decisions. We’re also able to more efficiently track and assess our business in today’s dynamically changing agribusiness environment.»

«Agriliance’s commitment to MicroStrategy is further evidence of the importance of business intelligence to large organizations today,» said MicroStrategy’s COO Sanju K. Bansal. «Leading companies are choosing MicroStrategy’s industrial-strength platform to gain increased visibility into their operations and make revenue-generating decisions. We are eager to continue and build our relationship with Agriliance and are pleased that they have been able to realize the significant benefits that our industrial- strength platform enables.»

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