Open Text va a presentar en una feria que se celebrará entre el 23 y 24 de septiembre en Ontario sus soluciones para el sector Bancario. Open Text, representada en España por Azertia, es un importante proveedor de soluciones de Gestión Documental, Gestión de Contenidos y Record Management.


WATERLOO, ONTARIO– Open Text Corporation, provider of Livelink, a collaboration and content management software for the global enterprise, said today it will present new software solutions for compliance in the financial services industry at inSIGHT’s 5th Annual Regulatory Compliance for Financial Institutions Conference Sept. 23-24 in Toronto. The conference will address the full range of compliance issues facing financial services firms, including corporate governance, securities regulations and new legislative initiatives.

Open Text will showcase solutions that help financial services firms meet complicated certification, training, reporting and corporate governance rules. Software solutions offering these capabilities have become increasingly important, as more laws are passed to address the global risk of terrorism and last year’s accounting scandals in the U.S. The Open Text solutions presented will include its Enterprise Development Center (EDC) software, which provides a compliance infrastructure for tracking, managing and reporting employee licensing and certification for securities and financial services firms. EDC is a proven learning management solution, with some 25,000 seats deployed at major financial services firms. Combined with Livelink, the solution allows users to:

– Manage professional registration and licensing records while ensuring data integrity throughout the process

– Collect, track and report regulatory submission requirements

– Facilitate employee training through a cost effective delivery system

– Securely manage regulated documents throughout a lifecycle including authoring, reviews/edits and approvals in compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements

– Create internal processes that ensure an organization has the capabilities to manage and respond in a compliant manner

«How well a firm collects, tracks and reports information to national, international, and provincial or state regulatory organizations is critical to reducing liability and increasing revenue,» said Frank McKeown, Director of EDC Solutions at Open Text. «In order to keep up with the pace of new regulations, customers need comprehensive, integrated solutions with compliance built in.»

Other solutions Open Text will present at the conference include:

– Livelink for Corporate Governance: Livelink for Corporate Governance offers a regulatory compliance infrastructure to address new corporate governance laws, such as the U.S.’s Sarbanes-Oxley and Bill 198 in Ontario. The solution integrates Livelink’s collaboration tools, auditable workflows and process controls, document and records management, e-mail management, and certification and training delivery.

– Livelink Records Management: Livelink Records Management is a comprehensive solution for managing and tracking the circulation of all corporate records, whether electronic or physical. The software allows users to apply retention and disposition rules to records and place «holds» on specific records that are under discovery or government access requests to ensure they are preserved.

The event is being held at the Radisson Admiral Harbourfront Hotel, 249 Queen’s Quay West, in Toronto. Open Text is also a sponsor for the Sept. 23rd breakfast, starting at 8:00 a.m.-guests are welcome to attend. For more information on the event, go to:

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