Philips Semiconductores maneja a nivel mundial el código y el contenido de sus intranets, webs y extranets con el el software ECM de Merant, un fabricante que en España está distribuido por la empresa Cast-Info. 


HILLSBORO, Ore.–Sept. 22, 2003– Merant, a leading provider of software and services that deliver flexible control of code, content and other business-critical assets, today announced that semiconductor industry leaders National Semiconductor and Philips Semiconductors have implemented Merant Collage.

An open standards-based, enterprise-class content management solution, Merant Collage enables National Semiconductor and Philips Semiconductors to quickly and cost-effectively design, create, deploy and maintain the code and content of their web initiatives for only a fraction of the cost of comparable products.

«In a very short amount of time, Merant Collage has gained traction in a number of industries, including the semiconductor market,» commented Bill Piwonka, senior director of product marketing at Merant. «This is due in large part to Collage’s unique ability to deliver true, enterprise-class capabilities at an extremely attractive price point. By combining a J2EE, open standards-based architecture with broad operating system and platform support, Collage allows organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure and quickly begin managing Web code and content in the way most suited to their individual needs.»

«Our intranet web sites and customer portals are comprised of a wide variety of static and dynamic content developed by people from divisions across the organization and around the globe,» noted Mike Roberts, global intranet support manager at Philips Semiconductors. «We needed a solution that could handle the diversity and complexity of these environments and cost effectively facilitate collaboration between contributors. It had to take into account the differing skill sets, and yet protect the company standard for look and feel. Merant Collage has been invaluable in this regard.»

In a single, easy-to-use, scalable solution, Merant Collage enables organizations to manage and ensure the quality of the entire development lifecycle of Internet, intranet and extranet initiatives. Merant Collage’s powerful deployment engine and built-in productivity features help organizations get web infrastructures up and running quickly, while providing a secure, user-friendly environment for ongoing content contributions. And since Collage enables direct content contribution from all authorized users, including web designers and graphic artists, it eliminates bottlenecks that arise when one centralized group is responsible for posting and deployment of all web content.

Merant Collage’s support for open standards, as well as a wide range of platforms and operating systems, gives it an unprecedented ability to quickly adapt to, and complement, existing infrastructures, including heterogeneous IT environments. Moreover, Merant Collage’s seamless integration with the Merant family of change management and software configuration management solutions facilitates best practices and a collaborative development environment for traditional application developers and web design teams to build web applications and dynamic web sites.

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