QlikTech International, fabricante de soluciones BI, e Intel, están trabajando para optimizar la plataforma QlikView Business Intelligence basada en el procesador Intel Itanium. La nueva herramienta, una solución de análisis y reporting capaz de gestionar grandes repositorios de datos, se presentará en el Microsoft TechEd Show, el próximo 29 de junio en Amsterdam.

LUND, Sweden & RALEIGH, N.C–June 22, 2004–QlikTech International, a provider of business intelligence (BI), analysis and reporting applications, and Intel Corporation have announced they are working together to deliver 64-bit performance to QlikTech’s customers, by optimizing QlikView Business Intelligence for Intel Itanium 2 processor-based platforms. Intel will provide QlikTech with early access to its technology in order to develop and deliver joint solutions that meet data-intensive enterprise processing needs. QlikTech will demonstrate its QlikView state-of-the-art business intelligence powered by the Intel Itanium processor when it joins Intel at the Microsoft TechEd Show in Amsterdam on June 29.

«With the release of Intel’s Itanium processor based platform, scalability has become a powerful competitive advantage for us,» said Mans Hultman, CEO of QlikTech International. «QlikView’s patented AQL architecture makes it uniquely able to fully leverage the power of 64-bit processors. This allows QlikView to be a perfect business analysis and reporting solution for enterprises no matter how much data they have, from SMBs to the largest corporations of the world.»

The QlikView 64-bit Edition takes full advantage of the virtually unlimited memory addressability of Intel Corporation’s Itanium 2 processor as QlikView’s analytical engine, AQL(TM), operates directly on data loaded into RAM. Itanium’s massive execution resources, system bus speed and L3 RAM cache further enhance QlikView’s ability to provide outstanding performance and sub-second answers to complex queries, while making it intuitive and easy to use for a wide range of end-users. The introduction of the 64-bit technology allows for a 64-bit application to use up to 16 GB of RAM (Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition), 64 GB of RAM (Windows 2003 64-bit Enterprise Edition) or even 512 GB (Microsoft Windows 2003 64-bit Datacenter Edition).

QlikView’s innovative architecture eliminates the need to build data warehouses, data marts, and OLAP cubes, and lets customers analyze data from multiple data sources. Powered by QlikTech’s patented Associative Query Logic (AQL) technology and highly interactive user interface, QlikView provides unique advantages over traditional business intelligence solutions. Customers can deploy fully functional QlikView applications in days rather than the customary weeks or months, resulting in greater flexibility, quicker ROI, and lower cost of ownership for enterprises.

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