Evidentemente el fabricante del archi conocido programa para maquetación, QuakXpress, quiere hacer frente al amplio abanico de herramientas de Adobe para los editores de prensa. Para ello lanza un sistema para la gestión íntegra de todo el proceso de edición y publicación en revistas y periódicos. Los productos de Quark son distribuídos en España por TSI.


DENVER – April 5, 2004 – Quark Inc. today announced the forthcoming release of Quark Content Manager 3, a software solution for corporate publishers that provides increased productivity, remote file access, and up-to-date operating system compatibility while preserving support for legacy users.

An enterprise content management system based on flexible and open standards, Quark Content Manager is optimized to work with solutions already resident in a company’s workflow. Featuring a Web interface to allow access for remote users, the software has add-on modules to syndicate and repurpose content for multiple media, as well as multiple approaches to easily and efficiently integrate with business partner’s systems.

Clients consistently ask for cost-effective, forward-thinking solutions to better manage their time and resources. That’s why Quark Content Manager 3 has been optimized to work with the latest operating systems and database platforms, including Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Oracle 9i. While keeping development moving toward the future, Quark Content Manager 3 also provides backward-compatibility for customers still using older operating systems such as Mac OS 9 and Windows 2000.

«We want to ensure that Quark Content Manager is available for the widest range of users and companies possible so that output is improved, while costs decrease,» said Mohan Dhandapani, director of enterprise product development. «We’ve expanded the system to support hundreds of concurrent clients on one server, improved server performance, simplified the check-in process for assets, and added capabilities such as the ability to define schemas — all to help our clients be more productive at the faster pace required to do business in today’s marketplace.»

Quark is dedicated to making Quark Content Manager the top content management system available for corporate enterprise publishers. For more information, please visit www.quark.com.

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