Regis Corporation, uno de los fabricantes mundiales más importantes de productos para salones de belleza y peluquería, va a renovar a renovar totalmente su intranet utilizando un sistema de Gestión de Contenidos Web típico, el de Stellent. Un uso realmente típico y muy claro de lo que es un CMS que puede servir para saber mejor cual es la utilidad de este tipo de software.
Stellent no tiene presencia en España, o al menos no tiene consciencia de ello.

Más información, en esta nota de prensa en inglés:

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn.–Jan. 26, 2004– Stellent system will eliminate Webmaster bottleneck and enhance corporate communications at Regis by facilitating efficient information-sharing processes   

Stellent, Inc. (Nasdaq:STEL), a global provider of content management solutions, announced today that Regis Corporation, the largest owner, operator and franchisor of hair and retail product salons in the world, has selected Stellent Universal Content Management to develop a more sophisticated intranet. The Stellent system will replace Regis’ current intranet, which requires a Web developer to manually add and update site content using HTML technology.

Stellent Content Management will enable both technical and non-technical employees to contribute content to the intranet, eliminating the bottleneck caused by having a single developer update all Web site content. The Stellent system also will allow Regis to personalize content for each of the intranet’s 600 users, ensuring they only access information relevant to the country in which they work. After Regis implements its corporate intranet, various departments within the organization plan to use Stellent to create individual Web sites. For example, the marketing department intends to develop a site that allows U.S. and United Kingdom employees to share images via the Web rather than shipping them overnight. And, Regis’ finance department plans to deploy a site to support auditing and compliance activities, including those related to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

«The Stellent system will greatly enhance corporate communications at Regis by facilitating more efficient information-sharing processes,» said Joel Wiens, vice president of information technology for Regis. «Instead of waiting for a FedEx package to arrive or someone to walk down the hall to drop off a report, employees will be able to publish content to the intranet where others can easily access it from any computer with a Web browser. Out of the six vendors we considered for this intranet project, Stellent offered the most impressive breadth of features to meet our current and future needs.»

«A number of Fortune 1000 companies, such as Regis, use Stellent Universal Content Management to bring higher levels of efficiency to their business processes,» said Robert Olson, president and chief executive officer for Stellent. «By automating the way information is published to a Web site and distributed across an organization, the Stellent system helps companies purge their manual practices and institute faster, more effective procedures.»

Stellent Content Management Features

Stellent Universal Content Management provides a single product architecture offering Web content management, document management, collaboration, records management and digital asset management functionalities. The system enables organizations of all sizes within a broad range of industries to implement Web-based line-of-business initiatives, such as employee portals and partner extranets, as well as enterprise-wide initiatives that standardize content management for use by multiple sites and applications throughout an organization. These initiatives help customers increase employee productivity, reduce expenses, improve company-wide collaboration and communication, and often completely transform the way they do business. For information on how to obtain Stellent Universal Content Management, contact Stellent at 1-800-989-8774.

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