Savvion, fabricante de BPM, ha lanzado una nueva iniciativa que consiste en ofrecer a consultores y empresas integradoras su software Savvion BusinessManager 5.0. Se trata de un software que permite modelar los procesos de negocio utilizando una herramienta que produce diagramas de flujo de negocio.


SANTA CLARA, CA — 06/11/2004 — Savvion, Inc., today launched an innovative new program designed to bridge the gap between business and IT by making free copies of its Business Process Modeling and Simulation software available to business managers, business analysts and business consultants across global enterprises and system integration companies. A component of Savvion BusinessManager 5.0, Savvion Process Modeler is an intuitive and easy to learn desktop software package that enables business managers and analysts to model their departmental and enterprise business processes using a visual modeling paradigm that produces process flow diagrams. Unlike drawing tools, such as Microsoft Visio®, process models generated with Savvion Process Modeler can be enhanced by a company’s IT organization and then quickly put into production using the companion process design and execution components of Savvion’s award winning Business Process Management system, Savvion BusinessManager. Business users work with role specific tools designed to make them an integral part of the business modeling lifecycle while IT works with tools designed to enhance and integrate the models and then deploy them into production systems; truly a win-win for both groups.

Corporate America is faced with a myriad of challenges, not the least of which is that a vast amount of a company’s unique intellectual property remains locked away in the heads of key business staff that know critical business processes. As they leave, the knowledge of the real inner workings of those processes can vanish, costing an organization untold sums in lost productivity as attempts are made to reconstitute a process. Additionally those same organizations are challenged by the need to leverage the investments that have already been made in legacy infrastructure. Savvion addresses these needs by addressing the complete process lifecycle by an easy to use, best-of-breed process modeling and simulation package that business teams can now use to model, simulate and document their processes, and a robust process execution and management system that provides real-time monitoring, analyses, reporting and dynamic modification of processes and integrates out-of-the-box with over 200 commercial enterprise applications.

With increases in regulatory requirements, such as Sarbanes Oxley and HIPPA, as well as an ever-increasing number of government and industry compliance issues and regulations, process documentation and revision control has become all the more critical. With Savvion Process Modeler the entire audit trail of a process is fully documented and with the companion Savvion BusinessManager execution system process execution exactly matches the processes that were modeled and simulated, thereby assuring accuracy and compliance.

«Our Global 2000 customers are seeing tremendous ROI with our innovative approach to process lifecycle management,» explained Shawn Price, Savvion President and CEO. «We decided to offer Savvion Process Modeler at no cost as we have learned that the candidate processes are coming from line of business groups. Enabling business and IT to collaborate to manage critical corporate processes assures significant gains in efficiency while addressing regulatory and compliance issues. Over 500 have downloaded it already.»

Savvion Process Modeler

Savvion Process Modeler puts an easy to use full function business process designer at the fingertips of business managers and analysts. Business staff create business process models in a visual design environment that is tightly integrated with the execution environment, for a high degree of precision and accuracy in process implementation. Because models created in Savvion Process Modeler seamlessly and transparently interoperate with the design and execution environments of Savvion BusinessManager, Savvion’s solution has the unique capability to support collaborative design between business analysts and technologists. The resulting process designs can be tested and simulated by the businessperson prior to deployment, for even greater control. Since Process Modeler is a standalone PC application it can easily be taken on a laptop to business planning meetings with the process owners, a real convenience that saves time and money. Afterwards the process models are downloaded to a repository for further development, sharing and reuse. Savvion Process Modeler includes:

With a visual interface designed for business people, Savvion Process Modeler enables business managers to create a visual representation of their processes, including process flow diagrams that contain instructions for handling exceptions, sub-processes, and events. The resulting models are sophisticated and functional representations of their business logic.

Simulation enables business users to measure and analyze the cost of executing the process and to identify the resource bottlenecks, or over allocation of resources to process steps before the process is put into production. Business managers are able to remove bottlenecks and accurately predict performance and productivity. Process Modeler enables business users to preview the cost and logic of their processes verifying that they are building an executable process that it makes optimal use of resources and accurately reflects their business logic.

Compliance Documentation
Savvion Process Modeler creates auditable documentation of processes, including a detailed description of the process design. Organizations are therefore able to stay in compliance with government or industry regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPAA.

Process Optimization
As business conditions change, so should an organization’s business processes. Because rules and logic are not hard-coded into processes modeled and automated using Savvion BusinessManager, business managers can readily make changes and track the versions of their processes.

Download Registration
Interested parties may register to receive the downloadable version of Savvion Process Manager through the Savvion website at The downloadable product is a complete, full-featured version of Savvion Process Modeler that saves process models locally. A simple upgrade delivered as part of Savvion BusinessManager, adds the ability to save and version control models stored in the shared process repository so that models become reusable corporate assets.

Savvion BusinessManager 5.0
Savvion BusinessManager 5.0 is the first BPM system in the industry to deliver true process lifecycle management, the complete end-to-end delivery of business processes from modeling to deployment to management to process improvement. Unique in the industry, Savvion’s BPM system puts role specific tools directly into the hands of those closest to the process at the appropriate phase; a robust modeling and simulation system for business analysts, a collaborative process design, business rule and event management and integration system for IT developers, and business performance scorecard, business intelligence analytics and process improvement tools for business managers.

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