Sprint, importante compañía USA de telecomunicaciones, ha elegido el software Activity-Based Management de SAS, fabricante de soluciones de Business Intelligence, para analizar los resultados por segmentos del mercado y la rentabilidad del servicio.

CARY, N.C., July 28 — SAS, the leader in business intelligence, today announced that Sprint has selected SAS(R) Activity-Based Management software as part of a multi-year deal that will help Sprint business analysts provide an accurate and timely picture of market segment and service profitability.

«It is Sprint’s philosophy to team with the best in order to both serve our customers and meet our own operational requirements, and SAS is the clear leader in building the kind of applications we need to best understand our customer base and our market opportunities,» said John Larson, director, strategic cost management, Sprint. «The knowledge that we gain through the tools SAS provides enables us to best meet the needs of our customers and, ultimately, to better manage our business overall.»

Activity-based management delivers a single, verifiable view of profitability

Traditionally, analysts in each business unit at Sprint have used a homegrown process to create activity-based models. Making changes can be time consuming and complicated. The activity-based models used by Sprint are both large and detailed, tracking costs to millions of endpoints in a variety of business units and markets.

To accelerate and improve the decisions that are based on these activity- based models, business analysts at Sprint will use SAS Activity-Based Management to establish a centralized, enterprise-wide process for gathering and reporting activity-based data. By doing so, they expect to have a reliable, repeatable process for generating activity-based management data that can be used by many different business functions to make decisions.

«By deploying an enterprise-wide activity-based management solution from SAS, we will have an even deeper and more accurate understanding regarding the profitability of our products, services and market segments,» said Larson. «This will directly help us enhance our decision-making processes.»

SAS Activity-Based Management ( http://www.sas.com/solutions/abm ) delivers an understanding of the costs and profits associated with individual market segments, products, services or business processes. The solution integrates with existing financial and operational systems to generate cost and profitability business models that reduce cycle time and support better overall decision making. SAS Activity-Based Management provides advanced business modeling capabilities, a Web-enabled analysis and reporting interface, and data integration tools to retrieve and transform data from any system. With Web-based modeling, SAS Activity-Based Management allows for distributed use throughout an organization so that it can be actively integrated into the day-to-day operations of the business.

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