La División Interactiva de The First American Corporation, la mayor empresa proveedora de información económica en EE.UU., ha elegido la plataforma de Business Intelligence de MicroStrategy.


MCLEAN, Va., June 1 — MicroStrategy Incorporated, a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence software, today announced that the Interactive Division of The First American Corporation , the nation’s largest data provider, has chosen the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform as its business intelligence standard. MicroStrategy was selected over a field of five major business intelligence competitors. MicroStrategy will be adopted for extensive applications involving real estate and lender products and services, including an extranet for more than 30,000 customers.

The First American Corporation is a Fortune 300 company that traces its history to 1889. As the nation’s largest data provider, the company supplies businesses and consumers with information resources in connection with the major economic events of people’s lives, such as getting a job; renting an apartment; buying a car, house, boat or airplane; securing a mortgage; opening or buying a business; and planning for retirement.

Through the extranet component of its MicroStrategy deployment, First American’s Interactive Division will produce reports for its customers that help them cross-sell products and services while also providing marketplace analyses and customer marketing assessments. These customers will include bank executives, loan officers, real estate brokers and escrow agents. The Interactive Division will also harness MicroStrategy for its own title insurance, real estate and trust groups, running all its applications against a one-terabyte Oracle database.

«We selected MicroStrategy over competing products because of its outstanding scalability for large numbers of users and its superior capability to generate user-friendly reports with highly detailed analysis of granular- level data,» said the Vice President of Software Development for First American’s Interactive Division, Gus Tepper. «MicroStrategy is instrumental to our strategy to bring end users closer to the information they require.»

«MicroStrategy technology is focused on helping Fortune 500 companies provide better customer service, engender new efficiencies and identify revenue-generating opportunities,» said MicroStrategy’s COO Sanju K. Bansal. «With MicroStrategy’s easy-to-use Web interface and unparalleled scalability, leading companies are building business intelligence extranets that extend the benefits of the data warehouse to customers, suppliers and partners.»

Six of the top ten global financial institutions are MicroStrategy customers, using MicroStrategy for such critical applications as financial analysis and compliance, sales and trading, operations and fraud profiling and risk analysis.
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