Topologi es una empresa australiana que fabrica un editor colaborativo de contenido marcado en XML especialmente diseñado para el sector editorial. Acaba de anunciar la versión 1.1.6 del editor, que cuesta alrededor de 60 euros/ licencia y que puede comprarse online. Tiene muy buena conexión con Adobe Framework.


Topologi announces the 1.1.6 release of its Collaborative Markup Editor.
Along with several interface improvements for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, Topologi announced new support for very large file handling. From original conception, Topologi has committed the Collaborative Markup Editor to addressing the needs of SGML and XML publishing production environments.

However, feedback to date has been that working with 8-10 megabyte files is still not enough for many users. The editor’s core has been extensively reworked in version 1.1.6. Using memory-profiling techniques, users can make final edits to million-line (50 megabyte) files without performance problems.

Other improvements in this release include improved interactive diagnostics of markup syntax errors, support for Java 1.4.2 features such as mouse wheels and improved file chooser, Schematron 1.1.6 compliance, allowing better datatyping, improved support for RTF import of foreign languages including Chinese, built-in hex and image previewer, and faster load times.

The Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor is available as a 30 day evaluation download or as a licensed purchase for US$60 at

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