El contratista para la industria petroquímica Turner Industries utilizará un sistema de captura y gestión de la información basado en las tecnologías de Kofax para centralizar el proceso electrónico de sus más de 15.0000 facturas y órdenes de compra mensuales . Este sistema utilizará Kofax Ascent Capture y VirtualReScan.

El sistema de Kofax permitrá a Turner Industries un ahorro en los costes vinculados a la gestión de sus facturas en torno al 33 %. Con anterioridad a la implementación de las tecnologías de Kofax, el proceso de gestión de esas 15.000 facturas y órdenes de compra, cada una de ellas con una media de 10 páginas de documentación de soporte añadida, se hacía utilizando un sistema únicamente basado en papel y gestionado desde 20 oficinas localizadas en diferentes lugares.

Kofax Image Products pertenece al Grupo Dicom y es una desarrolladora de productos de proceso de imágenes para el mercado de captura electrónica de la información.

Para más información sobre el proceso de gestión electrónica de facturas en Turner Industries leer la siguiente nota de prensa en inglés.

Information Capture Solution Reduces Turner’s Invoice Processing Costs by 33 Percent and Improves Cash-Flow Management by Aggregating Vendor Invoices and Support Documents

Kofax, the information capture vendor, today announced that
Turner Industries has implemented a Kofax-based information capture system
to centralize the processing of as many as 15,000 invoices each month. The
system features Kofax Ascent Capture and VirtualReScan (VRS).

With more than $ 800 million in annual revenues, Turner Industries, an
industrial contractor for the petrochemical industry, sought to centralize
its accounting process to achieve quicker turnaround on customer billing and
corporate payables. To achieve this goal, the company implemented an
information capture solution based on Kofax technology.

«Turner needed faster and more complete access to vendor invoices, purchase
orders and support documentation as well as the ability to differentiate our
services and improve client loyalty by sending these documents to our
clients electronically,» said Andy Naquin, a business systems analyst at
Turner. «By addressing these issues with a solution based on Ascent Capture
and VRS, we have significantly reduced the time and effort required for
document processing, eliminated costs related to replacing lost documents
and reduced the cost associated with filing, printing, copying, mailing and
faxing invoices.»

The Kofax-based system makes it easy for Turner to quickly move information
into its accounts payable system. Each month, the company captures and
processes as many as 15,000 vendor invoices, each with an average of 10
pages of support documentation. Previously, this work was performed using a
strictly paper-based system spread across the company’s 15 to 20 office
locations. Documents were often lost, misplaced or illegible and required
Turner to re-create each one.

«The process to re-create these documents was expensive — on average $ 150
per document,» Naquin said. «The Kofax-based system has eliminated the need
to re-create documents.» Turner estimates that the information capture
system is saving the company about $ 270,000 each year by ensuring all
documents are readable and always available when needed by accounts payable

Once received, vendor invoices and purchase orders are quickly scanned into
the system using Ascent Capture with Fujitsu 4097 and 3091 scanners. The
Kofax system automatically matches these documents based on a unique value
such as the purchase order number, which vendors are required to enter on
all invoices. The documents are then released into the corporate data
repository for processing. Incoming documents are both mailed and faxed,
with the faxes being captured by Ascent as well. For payables that do not
require a purchase order, such as utility bills, e-mail is used for
processing. The e-mails are imported by Ascent and converted to TIFF images
for indexing.

In all cases, the scanned documents, faxes and e-mails go through an image
quality control process using Kofax VRS. This process is required to ensure
the images are properly oriented and easy to read.»

«VRS automatically improves image quality by cleaning images that have been
flawed by fingerprints, smudges, hard-to-read color shadings and even paper
wrinkles,» Naquin said. «With legibility problems corrected, the cleaned
images are easily stored and processed, enabling us to effortlessly process
accounts payable tasks. Overall, we have calculated more than a 33 percent
reduction in direct processing costs.»

According to Naquin, the Kofax solution has provided an equally important
benefit on the client invoicing and relationship-management side. For the
first time, Turner Industries can aggregate vendor invoices and support
documents, then invoice its clients and — in many cases –get paid by them
before the company has to pay its vendors. «The Kofax system reduced the
duration for matching vendor invoices and receivers — a process that has to
be completed before we can invoice clients — from as high as 57 to 9 days,»
said Naquin. «Now, we can process our receivables as much as 50 days sooner,
which has dramatically improved our cash-flow management.»

In addition, Kofax technology has enabled Turner to improve its customer
service efforts. The company can now send clients electronic invoices, which
makes it easier for them to track and store the information they need for
auditing and compliance. Customers can be sent a CD containing a searchable
index so they can quickly and easily find specific information they need,
saving them both time and money.

Turner also is moving the Kofax-based imaging system into other departments
within the company, including its pipe-fabrication division. Engineering
drawings are now scanned and stored with documentation detailing all steps
taken to ensure that manufactured pipes meet client requirements. The
company also is considering use of the capture solution in its human
resources department to streamline the processing of related employment

About Turner Industries
Turner Industries is the largest privately owned industrial construction and
maintenance organization in Louisiana. The company, based in Baton Rouge, is
an industrial contractor offering a wide range of services to the
petrochemical industry from construction to scaffolding, and from equipment
rental to maintenance and tank cleaning. The Turner Industries family
consists of 16 separate operating companies whose collective annual sales
volume has more than doubled from $ 310 million in 1993 to more than $ 800
million today.

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