La revista ‘Webshpere Advisor’, especializada en IBM Websphere, ha elegido el CMS de Interwoven como el software de este tipo ideal para esa plataforma empresarial.


SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 27 / — Interwoven, Inc. (Nasdaq: IWOV ), has once again received an editors’ choice award from WebSphere Advisor Magazine. The magazine’s editors recognized Interwoven’s products as some of the best tools and products for eBusiness with IBM WebSphere, granting Interwoven the Silver 2003 WebSphere Advisor Editors’ Choice Award in the category of Content Management.

«The editors of WebSphere Advisor Magazine are pleased to acknowledge the notable achievement of Interwoven with a 2003 WebSphere Advisor Editors’ Choice Silver Award for its innovative product, Interwoven TeamSite software,» said John Hawkins, editorial director, WebSphere Advisor Magazine. «The Award recognizes and celebrates strong tools and products for WebSphere application architects, developers, and administrators.»

Winning products are chosen based on application design, simplicity, and ease of integration, among other criteria. Products must aid in quickly building and deploying highly scalable, Java-based eBusiness applications, while increasing their performance, efficiency, and functionality. Award categories include Development Tools, Data Integration, Performance, Content Management, Security, and Emerging Technologies.

Interwoven and IBM WebSphere: Working Together for Customer Success

With more than 100 joint customers, Interwoven products work as a platform for developing WebSphere applications and managing content for WebSphere Portal initiatives. Interwoven TeamPortal Connector for WebSphere Portal enables customers to quickly and easily get portal initiatives up and running as well as provide the ongoing management of portal content, documents and code. Interwoven and WebSphere are closely integrated for dynamically testing applications: Interwoven virtualizes one physical WebSphere server for multiple business environment uses without the IT set-up overhead. Additionally, Interwoven TeamCode and OpenDeploy software manage the application development cycle and deployment to WebSphere server farms.

«It’s truly an honor to be recognized as one of the industry leaders in bringing value to IBM’s WebSphere customers,» said Kevin J. Hayden, vice president of corporate marketing at Interwoven. «Interwoven’s products complement WebSphere by serving as the backbone for all internal and external Internet-based initiatives, such as global brand management, eCommerce, and enterprise portals.»

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