La Universidad del Norte de Hertfordshire (North Hertfordshire College), al norte de Londres a su vez, ( ha implementado el sistema de automatización de procesos de Ultimus, que se vende en España, para mejorar varios de sus procesos internos más complicados. Pueden destacarse los relacionados con las compras de material, que según la propia Universidad, antes llevaban 3 días y ahora solo un par de horas.

El BPM de Ultimus ha ayudado también a optimizar procesos como la contratación de personal temporal, tutores, cancelación o programación de cursos, petición de material técnico para clases o la asignación de users, passwords o demás herramientas IT a nuevos usuarios.

Con este BPM la Universidad mejora el proceso de firmado o visto bueno, elimina papel o redirige procesos cuando uno de los aprobadores está de vacaciones, de viaje o en una reunión.


READING, U.K. Aug. 9, 2004

Ultimus, the leading provider of complete business process management (BPM) and workflow automation solutions, today announced that North Hertfordshire College (NHC), a further education college near London, is experiencing significant administrative process improvement through its use of the Ultimus BPM Suite.

As a well-respected further education college, NHC saw the potential opportunity of streamlining its administrative processes to increase the efficiency of its support staff, administrators and teachers. In evaluating BPM solutions, the organisation selected the Ultimus BPM Suite because of its ease-of-use, transparency to the end user and exceptional functionality. The solution has been deployed to decrease paper-based processes that often slowed down the approval of purchase orders, the booking of temporary staff and tutors, cancellation and scheduling of courses, request of technology classroom resources, and the assigning of IT passwords and tools to new users. For example, the purchase order request process once took more than three days to complete and now takes less than one hour. The Ultimus BPM Suite automates the sign off process, eliminates paper requirements and automatically re-routes requests to avoid delays caused by vacations, meetings and other events.

Ultimus has helped us eliminate paper-based processes and therefore increase efficiencies and reduce human error in our process, said Chris McLean, Director of IT at NHC. Ultimus BPM encourages us to consistently evaluate our existing processes and as a result we find new and exciting ways to streamline and further increase efficiencies.

The Ultimus BPM Suite is the most feature-rich BPM product on the market, and it delivers the lowest total cost of ownership, with enhancements driven by experience gained from working with more than 1,200 customers on thousands of critical business processes. The Ultimus solution provides unparalleled flexibility, including hundreds of out-of-the-box features combined with open interfaces to extend and integrate the product into any corporate computing infrastructure. The Ultimus BPM Suite supports Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft BizTalk 2004 and much more. In the future, NHC plans to take advantage of the Ultimus XML file output facility to enable integration with its Finance system.

Many organisations deploy Ultimus BPM in departments and then it spreads virally throughout the organisation as business users realise its significant impact on productivity, said Karl Freiheit, Vice President EMEA of Ultimus. Such is the case with NHC, and we are delighted that they intend to automate more than 200 additional processes.

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