Media service GmbH ( una empresa alemana encargada de digitalizar cantidades masivas de documentos de grandes empresas, ha elegido el software de los israelíes de Top Image Systems como sistema de reconocimiento inteligente de información. El software se llama eFlow 2.0 y lo distribuye en España la empresa GCT Ibérica.


TEL AVIV, Israel, July 9 / — Top Image Systems, Ltd. (NASDAQ:TISA) , a leading innovator of intelligent document recognition, announced today that Mediaservice GmbH has selected TiS’ eFLOW Version 2.0 to capture, validate, and process the company’s wide array of forms.

Top Image Systems (TiS) provides automated data capture solutions that improve enterprise business processes by integrating data from multiple sources and of different types, such as invoices, freight and shipping bills, purchase orders and others. TiS solutions seamlessly deliver the extracted data to enterprise applications such as document and content management, ERP, or CRM.

Established in 1999 and located in Hurth, Germany, Mediaservice GmbH serves as a service bureau specializing in mass paper archiving. A selected list of Mediaservice customers includes T-Mobil, Metro Trading Group, Gerling NCM Insurance, Deutsche Bank, various governmental agencies and projects, as well as institutions in the health sector. Through partnerships with DMS-Integrators and DMS-Suppliers, Mediaservice has a strong presence in the German DMS market.

For the last four years, Mediaservice has been using TiS data capture solution, AFPSPro, to process numerous types of structured forms. TiS’ solution, which was installed at Mediaservice, has been processing around approximately 50,000 forms, of a total of around 400,000 documents, on a daily basis.

Recently, the volume of activity at Mediaservice had increased, and the company had to deal with continuous handling of semi-structured forms, such as invoices and purchase orders. Therefore, Mediaservice had decided to extend its OCR/ICR capacity, and upgrade their working solution to eFLOW Version 2.0, the newly released version of eFLOW Unified Content Platform, featuring Freedom technology for semi-structured forms. The final decision was taken after evaluating six competitive systems, which except for TiS, failed to respond to the high demands of flexibility, performance and accuracy needed in a service bureau operation. eFLOW Version 2.0 processes up to 250,000 forms on a daily basis; it supports collection in remote and scattered locations, combined with a centralized recognition process in Hurth.

Due to TiS’ open system approach, eFLOW Version 2.0 has been fully integrated into Mediaservice’s own production environment, providing comprehensive control, and consequently outstanding recognition results of vouchers and documents processed. Using improved capacities of both OCR and OMR permit problem-free recognition of «small control boxes» on questionnaires, examinations, or order forms. Integrating various recognition engines into eFLOW assure the best recognition results for complicated vouchers in large quantities.

«Implementing the enhanced semi-structured technology, Freedom, of eFLOW Version 2.0 fits Mediaservice’s vision to expand the services we provide,» said Olaf Schmitz, Managing Director of Mediaservice. «We believe in a perpetual search for improvement and development in order to provide our customers with the finest quality of services for profitable prices. By implementing TiS’ solution, Mediaservice will be able to significantly improve customer service through rapid data processing, increased throughput and capacity, and superior data accuracy. The new Freedom learning mechanism of the, which enables eFLOW to recognize and learn the structure and format of documents previously unseen by the system, allows us to handle unlimited types of documents and all associated information, whether containing tables, calculations, or other data. The final decision to select TiS’ eFLOW Version 2.0, aside from its proved flexibility, scalability, and accuracy, was based on the perfect support services traditionally provided by TiS’ team and the return on our investment received within less than a year.»

About Top Image Systems

Top Image Systems is a leading innovator of enterprise solutions for managing and validating content, which enters organizations from various sources. Whether originating from electronic, paper, mobile or other sources, TiS solutions deliver the content to applications that drive the organization. TiS’ eFLOW Unified Content Platform is a common platform for the company’s solutions. TiS markets its platform in more than 30 countries through a multi-tier network of distributors, system integrators and value added resellers, as well as strategic partners. For more information on TiS, visit the company’s web site at:

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