Uno de los bancos más importantes de Holanda, el Postbank, ha implementado el CMS de Vignette como gestor de contenidos estándard. La web de PostBank es


AUSTIN, Texas, May 27 / — Vignette Corp. (Nasdaq: VIGN ) today announced that longstanding customer Postbank, one of the leading financial service providers in the Netherlands, has implemented Vignette content management solutions as its standard content management platform. Postbank selected Vignette solutions because they enable the organization to reduce costs by managing multiple Web sites from one platform and, via personalization and analytic capabilities, offer its customers a more personalized and relevant online experience. The platform will support the company’s consumer and business sites, including and .

Business users can manage the content across the multiple sites, freeing up IT staff to address mission-critical IT projects, which results in significant productivity gains and cost savings for the company. Moving forward, Vignette content management solutions will play an important role in Postbank’s unified Web strategy because it has the flexibility and scalability to match the organization’s future business needs.

«Vignette has enabled us to become more proactive and flexible in managing our content and communicating with our customers,» said Henk-Jan van de Beek, manager of the Webmaster team at Postbank. «At this moment we are looking at the personalization and analytic capabilities offered by Vignette content management solutions to see if we can provide our customers with better- tailored information, resulting in a more-relevant online experience and higher customer-satisfaction levels in the future.»

«Postbank is leveraging Vignette solutions to help increase employee productivity while building a solid platform for its customer service and online marketing strategy,» said Tim Wort, vice president and general manager of EMEA at Vignette. «Vignette content management solutions enable Postbank to provide its customers with the same quality of service online and offline. As its needs and goals expand, Vignette applications will provide the functionality and flexibility to meet future requirements.»

Postbank has been a Vignette customer since 1999 and originally selected Vignette because of its support for open standards and major industry-standard platforms, including Microsoft .NET and the Java(TM) 2 and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platforms. «Vignette’s standards-based architecture was a major consideration for us, as one of our main goals was to become vendor- independent,» said van de Beek.

Vignette content management solutions are being used by market leaders across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, media and publishing, and telecommunications, as well as the public sector, to manage content and real-time interactions among customers, employees, suppliers, partners and other audiences globally.

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