Vignette lanzará a final de mes ‘Vignette Application Builder 4.0’ que permite la integración de diferentes aplicaciones corporativas (CRM, ERP, Web Services… ), y por lo tanto, la construcción de Portales Empresariales, a personas sin gran bagaje técnico.


Vignette Makes It Easier Than Ever to Build and Deploy Enterprise Portals

Debut of Vignette Application Builder Delivers Code-Free Creation And Customization of Enterprise Web Applications That Respond to Changing Customer Needs

AUSTIN, Texas, March 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — In response to customer demands to reduce the cost of developing and integrating portal applications, Vignette Corp. (NASDAQ:VIGN ) today announced the immediate availability of Vignette(R) Application Builder 4.0. Designed to empower the business user and increase the speed at which portal applications can be developed and deployed, Vignette Application Builder enables organizations to graphically create, integrate and deliver custom composite Web applications.

As organizations migrate more and more business processes online, the number of Web-based applications they need to manage increases exponentially. Vignette Application Builder is uniquely designed to unify the enterprise’s Web strategy under a single framework for the development and deployment of enterprise Web applications. In addition, Vignette Application Builder assembles these component views into unified portal applications that cut across enterprise resources, providing integrated views of application data to exactly the right users. As a result, application deployment and ownership costs decrease while an organization’s ability to support users’ changing information needs increases, and organizations can seamlessly evolve to meet the business needs of the user community.

«Demand for composite Web applications is growing. Companies want to unify back-office systems and deliver functionality to employees and partners via the Web. But they don’t want to spend millions adding another inflexible layer to the application infrastructure,» said Jon Derome, program manager at the Yankee Group. «Products like Vignette Application Builder reduce deployment complexity, allowing organizations to cost-effectively create and manage Web applications.»

Today’s information-intensive organizations typically depend on business information and processes that are scattered across the business. To successfully support the needs of their Web users, these organizations need to be able to integrate and manage those content sources and business processes and dynamically assemble them into a context for each user. Application data that might be leveraged includes Web services, database applications, content repositories, and ERP and CRM applications.

«EDS provides internet banking capabilities to hundreds of banks and credit unions that are committed to superior customer service,» said Tim Wooldridge, manager of EDS’ E.Banking Services. «Financial institutions are rapidly embracing the need to e-enable services for their millions of customers. EDS delivers on this ability today with the Vignette Application Builder. These tools connect disparate systems, enable authenticated customer interaction, and create a single entry-point for customers to access all their institution’s services in a consistent, secure environment.»

Vignette Application Builder seamlessly integrates with Vignette(R) Application Portal to leverage single sign-on, delegated administration, personalization, presentation, security and reusability. The product is designed to help organizations rapidly create and modify custom Web applications that make use of existing information systems and business processes from across the enterprise. By empowering non-technical business users to build Web applications, Vignette Application Builder significantly reduces the long-term costs of developing and managing applications within an organization’s enterprise portals. When combined, Vignette content management and portal solutions enable organizations to rapidly assemble, deploy and manage single or multiple online portal applications that leverage their existing infrastructure investment to deliver the information users need, when they need it.

Vignette Application Builder Capabilities

Vignette Application Builder includes features an organization needs to streamline its portlet development efforts through an intuitive, code-free development environment that seamlessly integrates with the Vignette Application Portal, allowing finished applications to take full advantage of all the permissions, personalization and layout flexibility associated with a full-featured portal. Key Vignette Application Builder capabilities include the following:

—  Powerful code-free view builder enables application designers to drag
      and drop controls such as labels, fields, columns, buttons and links
      in their browser, making it simple and repeatable for business users
      to construct custom portal applications.
  —  Support for composite Web applications provides an easy mechanism for
      combining and relating distinct data sources to create a more
      efficient end-user interaction.
  —  Flexible integration with existing data provides a variety of powerful
      integration technologies that facilitate application creation and
  —  Application templates utilize prepackaged applications that provide a
      starting point for application development.  Templates can be packaged
      as single files, and then imported or exported along with all the
      forms, reports, charts, rules and integrations that make up the
      application, greatly reducing the time it takes to deliver information
      within the portal.
  —  Application navigation map provides a graphical representation of the
      navigation that is defined for a particular application, greatly
      simplifying the process for application designers to build
      applications, because they can more easily understand the flow between
      views of a given application.

  Product Availability

Vignette Application Builder 4.0 will be available to customers by March 31, 2003. More information about Vignette Application Builder, and Vignette content management and Vignette portal solutions can be found by visiting

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