La compañía de seguros Zenith ha firmado un contrato por 300.000 dólares con Captiva para el uso de su software de gestión de reclamaciones Claimpack. Con esta solución, la compañía aseguradora capturará para su digitalización y gestión las más de 600.000 reclamaciones de compensación que recibe anualmente.

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Zenith Insurance Adds Captiva’s ClaimPack to Capture Workers Compensation Medical Bills
InputAccel Customer Expands Use of Captiva Solutions to Accelerate Claims Processing

SAN DIEGO Jan. 26, 2004 Captiva Software Corp today announced that Zenith Insurance Company, a property and casualty insurance provider specializing in workers compensation and a wholly owned subsidiary of Zenith National Insurance Corp., has selected ClaimPack, Captiva’s award-winning claims processing solution, to capture and process the more than 600,000 HCFA and UB92 claims and related documents the company receives annually. The value of the contract to Captiva is approximately $300,000.
The agreement extends the relationship between Captiva and Zenith, which has used InputAccel, Captiva’s flagship document capture solution, for more than a year to capture its incoming paper claim forms and related documents, and transform them into electronic content for streamlined processing. Now, with ClaimPack, Zenith will be able to extract the critical information contained on the captured forms. Through advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, ClaimPack is able to «read» data written or printed on claim forms; analyze, correct and validate that information and then automatically export the data into Zenith’s claims adjudication and payment system. With ClaimPack, Zenith will be able to automatically capture and process a wider variety of forms and documents, process significantly higher volumes of forms, reduce processing times and increase data accuracy.

«We’re delighted Zenith has chosen to expand its relationship with Captiva by adding ClaimPack to its InputAccel platform,» said Howard Dratler, Captiva’s executive vice president of field operations. «This expansion is a path we have come to see as an increasingly common practice among many of our customers. They begin with InputAccel to meet their document capture needs and then look to replace the manual keying common in claims processing and find that Captiva’s ClaimPack complements their current system, allowing for a complete capture solution from a single vendor.»

ClaimPack is Captiva’s claims processing software that automates data and image capture from complex paper and electronic HCFA and UB92 claim forms. Using the latest developments in scanning, image processing and recognition technologies, ClaimPack automatically reads the information on these forms, analyzes, corrects and validates the data and enters it into other enterprise systems. This streamlined process reduces manual data entry costs and processing times, increases the accuracy of the data collected and improves customer service.

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