ZyLab, empresa con presencia en España, acaba de lanzar ZyImage 5.0, su software para el escaneado e indexado de texto. La empresa ha hecho este anuncio aprovechando su presencia en la feria AIIM que se celebra en estos días en Nueva York.


AIIM 2003- MCLEAN, Va.–April 9, 2003–New Version of ZyLAB Software Was Built in Close Partnership with Intelligence Agencies, Law Enforcement Organizations, and Law Firms toCater to Specific Industry Requirements

ZyLAB, a developer of document imaging and full-text retrieval software, today announced the release of ZyIMAGE 5.0, the latest generation of the company’s award winning document imaging and text retrieval solution.

Given the current political and economic climate, ZyLAB worked alongside customers such as the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal, several classified defense organizations, and many international law firms to ensure that its new software addresses many of today’s unique business requirements and laws.

ZyIMAGE 5.0 is a major upgrade from previous ZyIMAGE versions from both a technology as well as a business point of view. With over 20 years experience, ZyIMAGE 5.0 includes major technical improvements, many of which are unique in this market. In addition, this version delivers extended support for business processes in law enforcement, security, intelligence, and legal environments.

ZyIMAGE 5.0 benefits include:

— Archival and record management that complies to US-RMA

standards (DoD 5015.2).

— Additional document and application security through optional

audit trail and document security modules.

— Higher productivity in specific legal applications (such as

Case Management, Discovery, Disclosure and Bates Stamping)

through new optional modules.

— Advanced back-office support with new modules to track

correspondence management and invoice authorization.

Major technical improvements in ZyIMAGE 5.0 are:

— Full XML framework for storage and integration, which means

it’s open, sustainable and easy to integrate with other major

office, ERP, CRM and DMS applications.

— Full color and gray-scale support: store all of your hard-copy

documents (black and white and color) and electronic
documents, even emails and their attachments, in one
repository. Now you can store, retrieve and manage all your
documents in ZyLAB’s open data repositories.

— Faster and more robust OCR engines, which enable higher
quality document searching and retrieval.

— Much larger document collections, due to our new 64-bit
indexing technology.

— Support for even more foreign languages (Korean, Chinese,
Japanese, Hebrew, Hindi, and so forth) due to full Unicode

— Fully integrated automatic Arabic and Farsi translation for
query translations, transliteration (Arabic names) and
document translations. Now you can know what is in a document
without understanding the language!

— New CGI, ISAPI, COM and XML programming interfaces, which
allow easier integration with other applications.

— Full backwards compatibility with ZyIMAGE 4.0 and an easy
upgrade path.

«We are pleased to announce and deliver ZyIMAGE 5.0 on our 20th anniversary,» said Johannes Scholtes, president of ZyLAB North America, LLC. «This longevity underscores our success in the marketplace delivering solutions that fulfill customer records management and archival requirements. We have worked for more than two years to develop this new product, which is truly unique from an architectural point of view. We offer customers a flexible XML-based data storage solution that integrates flawlessly with industry standard databases, thus delivering advanced support for business processes in our core markets. ZyIMAGE 5.0 combats issues in efficient data management and provides an excellent solution for end users – we look forward to continued success during the next 20 years.»

About ZyLAB

ZyLAB North America LLC is a fully owned subsidiary of the ZyLAB group of companies, a fast growing and profitable group of companies. In 1983, ZyLAB was the first company to deliver a full-featured PC-based full-text retrieval software package called ZyINDEX. ZyINDEX was particularly popular for searching large collections of electronic file collections in PC environments.

As of 1991, ZyLAB focused all of its development and marketing efforts on ZyIMAGE, aimed at delivering the best search engine available for large paper collections. As a result, ZyLAB now has a full solution to archive, search, find, organize, share, and reproduce all paper and electronic office documents.

Worldwide, ZyLAB has over 300,000 current end-users and has active operational installations in more than 7,000 sites. ZyLAB has several offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia. More information can be found on www.zylab.com.

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