Kanban Chosen To Build Transformational Patent Platform

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Kanban Chosen To Build Transformational Patent Platform

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NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Kanban, who engineers inspiring, content-centric interactions on web, mobile devices, and emerging technology platforms, was chosen by Provenance Asset Group to build and launch a high-speed, globally distributed, big-data patent platform: TrustedPatents.

"We turned to Kanban as a partner that would help us design a Web platform that would be the very foundation of Provenance Asset Group. Kanban quickly grasped the functionality we required for our external clients and to support internal operations. Within two weeks, we had a complete design and architecture. It is durable, functional, global, flexible, and beautiful. Its sophisticated data structure, its scalable AWS infrastructure, and its clean, simple, and elegant user interface perfectly matched our requirements. The result far exceeded our expectation," said Dan McCurdy, CEO of Provenance.

The innovative interface is a single-page application leveraging technologies such as AngularJS, Apache Solr, PostgreSQL, JBoss WildFly, and Docker, all distributed globally in the AWS Cloud.

"It was a technically challenging project on many levels, and I am extremely proud of my Engineering and Delivery Teams for executing it flawlessly. We have a wonderful working relationship with Provenance Asset Group, and I look forward to our continued partnership to evolve the platform," said Josh Manton, the CEO and Chief Software Architect at Kanban.

Using an Agile methodology was key to meeting the six-week turnaround time. Kanban collaborated with a designated stakeholder at Provenance to ruthlessly prioritize features, ensuring that attention was only given to the features needed for a minimum viable product. Team members were given the full user stories to understand the context and customer intention in what they were building. They were empowered to voice concerns and suggest improvements throughout the process, reducing the risk of discovering impediments as the launch date approached.

"Kanban stepped up to an enormous challenge and worked seamlessly with our team to deliver what many felt was an impossible task in the timeframe we required. From the time we formed the company until we went live to a global audience simultaneously from Tokyo and New York was only six weeks. Kanban not only proved wrong everyone who thought the project could not be accomplished in the timeframe, but delivered key enhancements to the base functions that we thought would have to wait until early next year," said Tim Lynch, Provenance's President.

To ensure real-time development and testing feedback, and to provide fast turnaround on features and issue resolution, the development, integration, and production environments were all designed with continuous integration and continuous deployment. Each developer was given a full application stack running on Docker with JRebel for real-time code reloading. The integration environment runs the application stack in Docker Cloud, using Jenkins for continuous integration, automated testing, and automatic docker container reloading. Lastly, the production environment runs Docker Cloud-managed containers on AWS. Using the Docker Cloud API and the AWS command-line client, builds and deployments are fully automated with zero downtime.

Kanban leverages Google’s AngularJS and Apache Solr to build a high-speed, globally distributed platform for Provenance Asset Group LLC.

About Kanban 
Founded in 2006, Kanban Solutions LLC, provides software engineering, and application development services to global brands across a number of industries; including consumer electronics, higher education, publishing, manufacturing, and media. Based in New York City, Kanban has developed solutions for such notable brands as Nikon, TracFone, NBC Universal, and New York University. Kanban specializes in complex web applications that leverage content management systems, marketing automation systems, and customer relationship management systems that rely on rich interfaces, and deliver business results. Through a unique and highly effective delivery methodology, Kanban's clients are more agile and responsive, enabling content marketing innovation on a 24×7 real-time basis.

Interested in working with Kanban? Contact:
Josh Manton
CEO and Chief Software Architect

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